Payment information

Payment Information

PC FIX Is proud to provide fast repairs to the majority of jobs undertaken (and quality), please kindly also return the same fast courtesy with instant payments by registering with PayM™ to 'Pay a Contact Number' prior to collection and payment which will also speed up the collection time.

Our payment methods are:
1) PayM/Pingit (Information below)


2) Online bank transfer

Please Note:

Cash and credit/debit cards are only accepted for small valued in-store stock purchases, or for foreign nationals who may not have a UK bank. Cash payments for repair work incurs a £1.50 cash handling fee.

Business credit/debit cards incur a 2.6% fee.

Please understand the reasons for this which are:

1) Must be paid into the bank which is 3 miles away and costs £1.50 per deposit + £3.50 parking permit (Total £5) or a £70 fine for dashing in!
2) The workshop then becomes unattended which could in turn cause frustration to some when randomly collecting a computer and I’m 3 miles away at the bank in a cue probably getting a parking fine because a previous customer is either behind with technology or hasn't taken 2 mins of time to do the simple process of registering with PayM in the banking app.
1) It takes 3/5 working days for payments to be credited to an account just like an old fashoned cheque
(No one should have to wait this long and it's not necessary, banking has evolved)

2) Card fee's
(Why make repairs more expensive to cover the cost of the payment fee's..?)

1) Easy payment with PayM and Pingit

It's easy to pay using either PayM or Pingit mobile banking to 'Pay a Contact/Mobile' using a mobile telephone number or alternatively with online banking.

Pay using your banking app installed on a mobile device. This is the easiest and best way to pay friends, family, and business's, no more account numbers just pay a registered person or business telephone number.

PayM mobile app
PayM is now integrated into most banking apps
Barclays Pingit
Barclays Pingit info
Business search: Comtrics
Pingit Code: PINGITRFT296
Pingit Code for Comtrics
Click on your phone type logo below to download the Barclays Pingit app
Tel: 07888 96-60-69 Apple logo Android logo Windows logo Scan above QR from inside Pingit app

2) Online Bank Transfer

Click on the applicable logo below to open a new browser to your banks information and download page or if you already have your banking app installed click on the video link for an instructional payment tutorial.
It is recommended to have online banking apps installed and PayM setup before computer collection. Once apps are setup and PayM is registered payment takes only 20 seconds to pay a person or business.

Natwest download page Natwest video instructions HSBC download page HSBC Video instructions RBS Bank RBS Video instructions Co op bank Coop Paym
Nationwide download page Nationwide Video Instructions First Direct download page First Direct Video Instructions TSB download page TSB Video Instructions Metro Bank Metrobank Paym instructions
Santander download page Santander video instructions Lloyds download page Lloyds PayM Instructions Halifax download page Halifax Video Instructions Smile Banking Smile Banking