Gaming and Custom Computer Repairs

Gaming custom repairs

Gaming and Custom Computer Repairs

In our experience gaming/custom computers come in for us to diagnose and repair because a high number have 2 component failures, this stumps most computer enthusiasts who have already attempted to repair by replacing individual module components to no avail. We are pleased to offer a 3 tier servicing for gaming and custom computers

Please note: These repairs generally take longer due to testing and sourcing compatible replacement parts

1) Inspection and testing with diagnosis - Price: £34.99

  • Power supply test
  • Memory test
  • Motherboard test
  • Processor test
  • Graphics card
  • Hard drive test
  • Ancilliaries/cables

2) Repair service - Price: £59.99

  • Single repair - (Hardware or Software) - No data manipulation
  • Includes diagnosis service and fee
  • Compressed air dust clean
  • Replace faulty components

3) Full package repair service - Price: £99.99

  • Double repair - (Hardware + Software)
  • Includes diagnosis service and fee
  • Replace faulty components
  • Compressed air dust clean
  • Renew CPU heat paste
  • A deeper clean - indiviual fans
  • Operating system/repair/re-installation (Licence required or can be purchased separatley)
  • Data manipulation

Please note cost of supplied parts are additional.